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desktop calendar

Calendar 2024

Do you need to know the calendar of public holidays in Italy? Print and fold!


How to open a business in France

Do you want to open a business in France? Read the excerpt of all the interventions that we have published on our Linkedin page. They will allow you to understand what are the essential steps to open your business in France.


France or Italy?

Two loving beauties. Our suggestions for getting to know our two countries better, a few emblematic steps.


How to network?

The flagship event for Italian startups in Paris. In France it is essential to be approachable and smiling: relational skills first! In France, the network is often made up of people who have done our same school career. But what about Italy?


Managing in France and in Italy

Do you manage a French-Italian team? Are you an expatriate in Italy and need to know the management codes? Do you work in a Management Committee with Italian colleagues or shareholders? Do you deal with Italian clients or service providers? This e-book is for you!


Economic exchanges between France and Italy

France is Italy’s second largest trading partner and Italy is France’s third largest trading partner: discover the 2022 report of French Embassy in Italy and Ministry of Economy, and learn all about economic exchanges between our 2 countries.


The French and Italian socio-economic systems

France and Italy are two economies with very similar profiles and comparable weights and they also suffer from the same economic issues: discover the details of the 2 systems.


Christmas and New Year

Do you want to know how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Italy? This e-book is for you!